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SAVE Carbon County!

Save Carbon County is a non-partisan group focused on maintaining the natural resources and environmental stability in Carbon County.

Save Carbon County is alarmed by the number of trucking distribution centers on 940 in Kidder Township

  • One is already an operation on 940 west of us

  • The Henry property east of us on 940 closer to Blakeslee was approved by the board of supervisors at their October meeting (who knew!!) and a third one is sited to go in across from the first one to the west of us on 940!!

  • A fourth one is being considered with entrance just west of the 940/Moseywood intersection

At their October meeting the KT Planning Committee met with Blue Ridge real estate engineers about this third project. Blue Ridge requested to have the environmental impact statement waived. Fortunately, the planning committee asked to have the request tabled, but my guess is Blue Ridge will steam roll ahead anyway.

We’ve got to get out in front of it now. If we don’t, what will happen next is will see our roads being widened and nothing but truck traffic roaring up and down 940. We can forget about Lake Harmony the way we’ve always known it, as Kidder Township is on its way to becoming the newest trucking center between I80 and the I476.

Join Save Carbon City members at the next KT Planning Committee meeting on Wednesday Dec. 6th @6:00 pm at the Kidder Township Municipal Building (10 Lake Harmony Road). It’s time for concerned residents to show up and fight more distribution centers in Kidder Township.

Please come and bring as many friends and family members along with you as you can and share this information with others too!

Contact us if you have questions or want more information.

You can find Save Carbon County on Facebook (but a private group, ask to join); and/or join for one-time $20, visit their website here:

Did you know that Save Carbon County was instrumental in:


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