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Construction Reminder

Hello Snow Ridge,

I wanted to share a photograph with the residents of Snow Ridge. This contractor decided to park this construction vehicle in the Village on or about Thursday or Friday, April 14th. Not sure about the rest of the Village but I know I don't want to come to the village on any given day and not be able to park my vehicle. This piece is taking up at least three parking spots. I also don't want to look at this piece of equipment for three days, while I am in the village. Nor should any of you!

Please be aware that it is the responsibility of the homeowner to advise their contractors of the rules within the village. All construction vehicles and equipment are to be moved to lot 12 after work is completed each and every day. It is amazing to me that this contractor would assume it is okay to leave this equipment in the Village.

If you see this occurring, please take a picture and share it with Preferred Management and copy me as well. Please note the time and date when submitting the photo.

I love the fact that homeowners are improving their properties. I would ask your contractors to clean up after their day has ended and be sure to remove all equipment to Lot 12 as required. If there is any construction debris that needs to be cleaned up as well.

We live in a beautiful quaint Village. Let's keep it looking that way every day. Thank you , SRV President


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